STOP SPAM!filters spam/unsolicited emails 
before they get to your email 

What’s “Spam”?
If you use email, it’s likely that you’ve recently received a piece ofspam–an unsolicited, unwanted message sent to you without your permission. Spam is the Internet’s version of junk mail, telemarketing calls during dinner, crank phone calls, and leaflets pasted around town, all rolled up into a single annoying electronic email.

How does the IPS SpamFilter work?

The program runs in the background of your computer and removes up to 99.9% of all spam messages before they get to your email account . All removed  spam mails are stored and can be reviewed before they get deleted.The program includes a high-tech spam analyze system database. Our team updates the database on a regular bases and you can download the newest database with a simple click on a LiveUpdate button. 

saves timereduces inconvenienceeasy to useinstalled in minutes and ready to useworks with POP, IMAP and Hotmail accountswon’t delete any mails from your friends or business partnersImport Outlook Address Book Passive email virus protectionmonitors multiple accountsFREE program and spam database updates for one yearautomatically sends email to the spam sender with a removal request
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>Periodically checks email on one or multiple accounts
>Supports POP3, IMAP4, MAPI and
>Downloads each email just once
>Passive email virus protection (recognizes over 200 email virus attachment and removes them automatically)
>Unique fuzzy logic approach for spam detection that makes well balanced decisions
>Can identify spam based on word, sender verification, mail design and addressee list (cross examination)
>Send auto-remove email to spam sender
>Very easy fine-tuning of aggressiveness by changing the spam score for the various spam handling functions
>Exception list based on email addresses and keywords (to make sure friends’ email and email with important keywords is definitely not touched by the spam filter)
>One click import of outlook address book into friends email list
>Easy recovery of emails that where deleted based on high spam score but are not spam
>User can customize spam recognition with email addresses and keywords (to make sure spam email and email with keywords are definitely deleted by the spam filter)
>Displays a list of available mails
>Displays number of messages in system tray icon
>Displays all deleted spam emails
>Can automatically open mail program for new mail
>very easy to use
>Lives in system tray
>Uninstall program
>Live Update Button
>Software license includes 1 year free software and spam filter database updates
>Multilingual (English, German, French and Italian)
> Runs in the background
The IPS SpamFilter works in the background of your computer and catches automatically incoming spam mails. It works with Outlook, Eudora, Hotmail or any other common program which is based on POP, IMAP or Hotmail.
>No important emails get lost
All caught spam mails will be stored in the IPS SpamFilter. You may take a look at them to check if there is no important message in there. If there should be a friendly message between the spam mails, you may add the sender with only one click to your friends list and the next time you get a message it won’t be filtered. After checking the spam emails they may be permanently deleted.
>Main Menu
The main menu of the IPS SpamFilter is separated into three parts. In the upper part you will find the email accounts, which are automatically protected from spam emails. You can protected as many accounts as you wish.The middle part is showing all the mails which are in the accounts and are no spam emails. By clicking a mail you may take a look at its content.The lower part you will find a list of all spam mails which have been filtered out of the accounts. You may permanently delete a mail or reactivate a message if you wish to keep it. The program may also automatically send a removal request to the sender of the spam mail.
The installation of IPS SpamFilter is very easy and you will be guided step by step. After running the program for the first time a ‘wizard’ will guide you through the configuration. After a few minutes the program is ready to filter the undesirable spam mails.
>The Spamfilter
To catch the spam mails we developed a special spam filter. This filter checks the sender, subject and even the content of a mail. After this check the program decides if the mail belongs to a spam or not. You even may define a friends list and a black list by yourself.
The spam system is under permanently control of our team to approve the best workability and to guarantee the best spam filter results. New Spam filters and new program releases may be directly downloaded through the ‘Live Update Button’.
>Import Outlook Address Book
Direct import of Outlook Address Book into the Friendly Sender List. All emails from this senders will never be identified as spam.  
>Passive Virus protection
Recognizes over 200 email virus attachments and removes them automatically.  
The program is available in following languages: German, English, French and Italian.