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STOP SPAM! filters spam/unsolicited emails 
before they get to your email

What's "Spam"?
If you use email, it's likely that you've recently received a piece of spam--an unsolicited, unwanted message sent to you without your permission. Spam is the Internet's version of junk mail, telemarketing calls during dinner, crank phone calls, and leaflets pasted around town, all rolled up into a single annoying electronic email.

How does the IPS SpamFilter work?

The program runs in the background of your computer and removes up to 99.9% of all spam messages before they get to your email account . All removed  spam mails are stored and can be reviewed before they get deleted.

The program includes a high-tech spam analyze system database. Our team updates the database on a regular bases and you can download the newest database with a simple click on a LiveUpdate button. 


saves time
reduces inconvenience
easy to use
installed in minutes and ready to use
works with POP, IMAP and Hotmail accounts
won't delete any mails from your friends or business partners
Import Outlook Address Book 
Passive email virus protection
monitors multiple accounts
FREE program and spam database updates for one year
automatically sends email to the spam sender with a removal request

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SpamFilter V2.0 
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Customer Feedback

I hear people talk at school, in the gym and in our community about how annoying spam email has gotten and with a big smile I tell them that I don't have that problem since I have the IPS SpamFilter :)

Susan Baumann





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