Explainer Videos and Video Marketing

As integral is video marketing to the digital marketing process, so is explainer videos to video marketing. Without an explainer video, the whole sphere of video marketing remains incomplete, and no matter how hard the business tries, without an explainer video, things remain unsaid.

Explainer videos have a direct impact on video marketing and can be used as an essential benchmark for analyzing the success of the digital marketing process. The lines below discuss how explainer videos can assist in achieving the video marketing objectives.

Increase Conversions – The prime objective of video marketing is to increase conversion rate for a business. In this regard, having an explainer video that comprehensively explains the product or service of the business can serve as one of the best tools to give an introduction to the desired audience and increase the conversion rate.

Increased Awareness – Another objective of video marketing is to make sure that the customers or target audience of the business is aware of the message of the business and the new product or services it has launched. With explainer videos a business can explain what it has to offer to the audience and how it can facilitate the customers, thus, spreading the message of the business allowing the target audience to be aware of the offering of the business.

Increased Traffic – Explainer videos also have the tendency of going viral, which means that more traffic would flow towards the website of the business, allowing it to increase the chances of conversion. Therefore, if a business wishes to increase the traffic towards its website, then it needs to go for quality explainer videos that grab the attention of the audience in addition to conveying the message of the business.
In short, explainer videos can help achieve the objectives of video marketing, which consequently can yield achievement of greater digital marketing objectives.

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The best UK online bookmakers

There are numerous UK bookmakers which have been put in place to help passionate bettors with betting on different sports and other activities. However, the best betting sites are those that ensure reliability. At the moment there are a lot of sites that are in play but very few of them can be relied on. Since the internet can be used by anybody for any activity, someone can decide to just fake a betting site for a particular sport.

One thing that you need to ensure when joining a betting site is to make sure whether it has a license and it is authentic. If by any chance you do not know which betting site to join, it is important to always ask around. Also make sure you ask the right person to ensure that you are not misleading to join a fake betting site.

Below are some of the best betting sites available on the internet.

Some betting sites are used by both casino players as well as other sports. At the moment it is the largest sports betting site with millions of adult users registered with. The data on this site is well protected and there is no fear of a third person gaining access to your data.

If you want sports betting sites that will give you more than just betting, and then this is the best betting site to sign up with. Initially this was the only site to be ranked at the top for seven times. This site emerged as number two betting site twice. At some betting sites, you will find all sports that are available in the planet. It also offers many other options like ensuring that you are an adult before joining the site to bet and many more.

Bodog is one of the biggest names in the USA betting business. One disadvantage about this betting site is that it solely focuses on those sports played in the US and leaves other countries out.

These are some among the many sites that you will find out there. Nevertheless, choosing any of them will require careful knowledge about them.

Soccer Day in Canada

Okay, I’m a day late according to the CBC, but whatever. If you really want to watch the Red Deer U14 girls, it’s all on up on the CBC website anyway.

The marquee game of the day was Toronto FC versus the LA Galaxy, and Toronto came away with a 2-0 win. LA were without David Beckham — away on with England — and Landon Donovan was only fit enough for the bench, but Toronto were missing a few regular starters too, through a combination of injuries, suspension and international duty. But their replacements coped admirably, notably rookie defender Julius James, who scored the opening goal on his MLS debut. Jeff Cunningham, given a chance to start with Danny Dichio out, added the second goal in the 65th minute. Overall, a satisfying game, as Toronto dominated throughout and only held the Galaxy to just one shot on target, despite their depleted roster.

Also, earlier in the week, Toronto kicked off their qualifying campaign for the CONCACAF Champions League with a 1-0 victory over the Impact in Montreal. Marco Velez scored the only goal, off a free kick from Laurent Robert.

One game that was missing from the CBC’s soccer coverage yesterday was the friendly between Canada and Brazil in Seattle. Sportsnet apparently showed the match this morning, but they did a shitty job of publicizing it, and I missed it. Anyway, Brazil won 3-2, after Canada had fought back twice to tie the game up. Julian de Guzman, who had equalized to make it 2-2 for Canada, played a sloppy back-pass that Robinho pounced on in the 63rd minute, winning it for Brazil with his second goal of the game. Still, it’s a decent result for Canada, even considering that Brazil were missing a few of their stars like Kaka and Ronaldinho.

Speaking of the Canadian men’s national team, a couple of the players have (finally) come out with their thoughts on the ongoing incompetence of the CSA. No surprise that they’re not happy, although you might not have expected them to say so publicly. It’ll be interesting to see if this gets the CSA off their collective asses, or if it’ll be just more of the same. One interesting point in that article, though, is that they seem to be suggesting that the women’s team gets a bigger share of the budget than the men’s team does. Anybody know if that’s true? Because it doesn’t sound right to me. Not that I’m saying the men’s team should automatically get more; I would expect it to be split evenly. I suppose the problem with that, though, is that it would mean the men’s team is underfunded relative to other countries — whereas that would be less of an issue for the Canadian women’s team, since the women’s teams tend to get shafted everywhere.

Somebody asked me the other day what the process is for Canada (and the rest of CONCACAF) in World Cup qualification, and I had no idea, so I thought I’d look it up. (Thank you, Wikipedia.) No wonder I didn’t know how it worked, because it’s kind of complicated. Basically, there are four stages:

  • The lowest-ranked countries (ranked #14 through #35) play each other in the first round, with the 11 winners moving on; the top 13 teams get a bye.
  • In the second round, which takes place this month, the top 13 teams play the 11 winners from the first round, with the winners of these games again moving on. Canada will be playing St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on June 15 and 20.
  • The third stage is a round-robin, with three groups of four teams. The top two teams in each group advance. Assuming that Canada makes it to this stage, along with the other top-seeded teams, it’ll face Mexico, Jamaica and Honduras.
  • In the final round, the six remaining teams all play each other, and the top three teams from that qualify for the World Cup. The fourth-place team gets a play-off against the fifth-place team from South America. Canada should have a decent chance; assuming that the USA and Mexico get the first two spots, then Canada will be scrapping it out with teams like Costa Rica and Panama for third or fourth place.

The Canadian women’s team, meanwhile, is busy tuning up for the Olympics. Their last match was a 2-1 loss to Australia in a friendly last weekend. This month they travel to Korea for the Peace Queen Cup, and then July 10 will be their debut at BMO Field, against Brazil. I’m just hoping that they get a decent turnout, because the stands at the men’s U20 game against Argentina a few weeks ago were embarassingly empty.

About Blackjack

When it comes to house, car and holiday, insurance is essential. But in blackjack, it’s something most players avoid.

Insurance is available only when the dealer’s upcard is an ace, and is essentially a side bet that the dealer has a blackjack.

Statistically, nearly one third of the cards the dealer could draw to his ace have a value of 10, so some players opt to insure against this by making a maximum insurance bet.

That would mean that the proceeds of that side bet make up for the loss of the original bet, as it is paid out at 2/1.

The player can add up to half the value of the original bet to the insurance, and in the case of someone who has blackjack that essentially means that they are paid out immediately at even money if they fully insure their hand.

Whether it is a wise strategy to insure or not is debatable, and a great many people refuse all insurance offers.

Statistically, insurance is not a wise strategy to pursue long-term because the dealer will only have blackjack less than one third of the time.

In a single deck, there are 16 cards valued at 10. In an “offline” casino, you may know that the dealer has a shoe of four or six packs, but online this can’t be determined. It is not a major factor, though, as whatever the number of packs used the odds of hitting a 10 are the same.

Another statistical guideline is that if you have blackjack, in the long term it is better to hold out in the hope that the dealer’s second card is not valued at 10. There are occasions when this will backfire, of course, but you can at least console yourself with the knowledge that you had probability on your side.

Best Online Casino UK Odds

How good or bad a UK online casinos odds are should dictate whether you gamble on the casino or not. The casino odds are there to tell you as an online gambler just what the casino or house edge is.

Always seek out only the best online casino UK odds games at casinoukonline.org before you start online gambling with real money.

For instance, say in a given month, an online casino advertises overall odds (or payout percentage) of 97%. In effect, this means that of every UK pound (or dollar for that matter) played by you or me, 97 pence of it is paid back out as winnings.

In other words, the casino will retain 3 pence of every pound played which is known as the casino or house edge.

Online casino UK odds are carefully set and balanced by casinos to attract players – too high and they lose money, too low and they don’t attract players.

In general, casino online gambling games that require a fair amount of skill, such as poker or blackjack, have a lower casino edge while games that are predominantly reliant on luck, such as online slots, will have a higher house edge.

High roller casinos

High roller casinos for high stakes gamblers are what movies are made of. These are not petty gamblers who play for dollars and cents. These are high end, top dollar gamblers who bet big to win big. High roller casinos is a term used for casinos that aggressively pursue high stakes gamblers. Thus high roller casinos for high stakes gamblers is a logical combination for professional gamblers, and businessmen in the casino business.

To be considered a high roller casino, you have to have a solid name and good reputation. This is something earned through good gambling practices. Professional gamblers are only interested in games that can produce winnings of very large sums of money. Otherwise, they will never even look twice.

If you want to be considered a VIP and pursued by high stakes casinos, these are some of the things you have to consider when choosing the casino.

  • 1. Is it reliable? Looking for a casino that can deliver what it promises, and not give you a hard time is the first thing you should consider. If you plan to play online, ask about withdrawal options, and bonuses. Make sure to find out about how long it would take to withdraw your winnings, not just the facilities they use. Also, check accreditations and feedback.
  • 2. A high stakes casino must be able to offer high limits, bonuses and loyalty programs. Without these, your business of gambling will not be maximized. If you plan to play serious money on a game of roulette, blackjack or poker, then the casino must be willing to give you something in exchange for your business. Ask and maybe you will get it.

Many casinos take very special care of their good players and have been known to offer year long benefits just to keep these players coming back. When you think about it, casinos make more money from small bets and amateurs. This is because they usually don’t know what they are doing. They are just there to have fun, and expect to lose money. Who knows? It’s very possible. Play your cards right, and you will be the next target of high roller casinos for high stakes gamblers. High stakes wagers can now be placed while mobile gambling on cell phones.

UK casinos are extremely reliable casinos offering high stakes wagers. Players can expect higher betting limits, higher bonuses and the very best loyalty programs online. We found a great resource for UK online casinos and Canadian online casinos.

Check out our High Stakes Casino Blog for more valuable information.

How much does an explainer video cost?

Explainer videos are a popular tool for companies today. These videos find themselves situated at the top of the business homepage, usually, and they are custom-designed to explain to people the company, its mission and more. The goal is to reach out to the tech-savvy audience and give them something interactive to work with. Even big-name companies like Facebook and Google use explainer videos to reach out to their business and consumer audiences. These videos can offer many benefits. Namely, they help a company get its brand concept publicized and show people what the business is going for.

The process of making an explainer video can evolve in many different ways. Some sites offer video editing tools so businesses can make their own videos, but these are usually not as professional or effective as videos made by production companies. Video specialty services offer explainer videos that are fully customized for a brand. They can do animation or other unique types of videos, giving the company the perfect vehicle for branding.

How much does an explainer video cost, though? Many variables affect the total price of video production; this isn’t a one-size solution with one price point for every business. It depends on the length of the video, the content included, the amount of editing and special effects, among other details. There is one important universal truth here, though: companies have to consider this an investment and not an expense. It’s usually an affordable investment, too, and what it gets in return is invaluable.

Not only is video great for conversation, but it’s good for publicity as well. Reporters and critics are a little busy these days, but if you give them video they know exactly what you do from the start rather than trying to spend hours figuring it out. Your brand receives much better publicity in this regard. There are plenty of uses for, and benefits of, explainer videos. When you work with professionals to create yours, you will get a custom solution with a price that’s perfect for your budget and a marketing tool that has immeasurable ROI. What more could you ask for?

USA casinos

50 States online casino games vary greatly because the casino goes beyond all limits: any person of any nation (including the Americans as unfortunately they always face a problem of where to play online) can play at USA casino sites.

Roulette is very popular at the gambling establishments. The game considered to be a classic one comes to us from the ancient times. But at the same time this old classy game is glamorous and exciting and is always called a symbol of any casino. The risky men always play this game because it’s one where your winning depends mostly on luck – so they try their luck while playing roulette casino game. In general there are diverse variations of roulette that appeared long ago and still exist making roulette the most called-for casino game ever. Its popularity is called forth by the strong element of luck. During the game the gambler is to determine the cell number where the ball will land on when the roulette wheel stops spinning. There are various alternatives of the bets one can made – the gamblers can bet on a number or a group of numbers, on a color (they can choose black or red), and on odds or evens. There are two different kinds of roulette wheels in European and American Roulettes. American casino roulette system implies an extra number – double zero so that kind of roulette decreases the gamblers’ advantage percentage. The cells are numbered 0 to 37, and are of black and red color.

Casino roulette strategy was developed by loads of gamblers for a long time. People spent years for creating and developing new strategies and systems in order to win. Though Albert Einstein once told that there is no possibility to win in roulette unless stealing the money from the table, there are some roulette strategies that do help somehow. The most well known one is the Martingale roulette betting system that implies bet doubling after every loss. The main idea of the strategy is the first winning that brings back all the previous losses. But many consider that that kind of roulette strategy is not so reliable. That’s why it’s always recommended to rely on yourself and create your own strategy based on your skills and style of gaming.

Well, roulette is a game of luck that mostly depends on case rather than on the gambler’s skills. But this game is still loved by many gamblers as they consider it as the old lady game that survived centuries. Welcome to play roulette at 50 States Casino! Now it’s available for Americans!